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Stadheimfossen Camping & Hytter are surrounded by beautiful nature. Here you can go on wonderful walks in the woods and fields at Hellesylt, or go on day trips to famous tourist spots in the surrounding area.

Take the popular cycling route from Hellesylt, over Flofjellet to Stryn. In Hellesylt center there are bicycle rentals.

Day trips car:

Geirangerfjord, Strandafjellet Skisenter, Trollstigen, Briksdalsbreen, Loen Skylift, and Norangsdalen.

Mountains and hiking trails: 

In the surrounding area there are many mountain and hiking trails. Some are light and others more demanding. For example, Slogen, and Hornindalsrokken.

For an overview of some of the great mountain hikes on Hellesylt follow the links

UT.no or stikkut.no


Welcome to a holiday at Hellesylt!

Stadheimfossen Camping & Hytter offers accommodation in cabins, and a camping in beautiful nature. Here you can go beautiful mountain walks in the surrounding area. The campsite is situated by a beautiful salmon river, and offers opportunities for salmon fishing, and trout fishing in the surrounding area. It is only 3 minutes by car to Hellesylt town center with shops, and swimming area.


Stadheimfossen Camping & Hytter is located by the river Korsbrekke, 1.5 km from Hellesylt town center.

Driving distances

From Hellesylt ferry - 5 min (ferry to Geiranger)

From Norangsdalen - 24 min

From Stryn - 51 min

From Ålesund - 1 h 54 min

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